Do’s of Sikh Wedding

When it comes to wedding Indian Weddings are full of rituals and customs. Though every caste has different rituals but the wedding signifies the bonding between two persons. Sikh Culture also has some rituals that are considered for a successful marriage.  Some of the Do’s of Sikh wedding are

Do’s of Sikh Wedding
Do’s of Sikh Wedding
  1. Choose a Sikh Marriage Partner. ( Are you looking for a Sikh marriage partner, Register here )
  2. Choose a marriage partner who has a legal age of getting married.
  3. Greeting the elders of bride and groom.
  4. There is no restriction for the size of the wedding parties whether small or huge numbers of guests.
  5. Bride and Groom unite in the presence of the Guru Granth Sahib and Anand Karaj (wedding ceremony) and get married.
  6. Maintaining a good and close relationship with the members of the both Bride and Groom family.
  7.  Search for a suitable match if a widowed Sikh man or woman wants to remarry. ( Register Here if you are looking for a perfect match)
  8. If getting married again remarry according to Anand Karaj Sikh Wedding.