Pre Wedding Sikh Shaadi Rituals

Punjabi’s are known for their fun loving nature. Similar to their nature, their weddings also reflect their life philosophy. Punjabi weddings are colorful, loud, singing and dancing. Punjabi’s ensure unlimited fun celebration in their weddings. There are pre and post wedding rituals that make Punjabi wedding lengthy and enjoyable. I have categorized both Pre and post Wedding Rituals. Let’s take a look at the various Pre Wedding Rituals.


Roka is an unofficial engagement ceremony in which the bride’s family visits the groom’s place to offer him their blessings along with various gifts like fruits, sweets, clothes, shagun.  The same thing is reciprocated on the other day by carrying the gifts.


The official engagement between the couples is called Mangni. It is a grand ceremony where both the bride’s and the groom’s side gathers. The bride is fed with boiled rice and milk by the family. The couple at last exchanges the rings.


A week before the wedding is sagai ceremony. The ceremony starts with tikka of the groom and later follows up with chunni  charae of the bride. The bride is also gifted jewellery and then dressed like a bride to be.


It is a musical party arranged by the bride’s family. The ladies sit together and  sing folk songs and dance. Nowadays both the families meet and enjoy the musical evening.


The last and the major function before the wedding is Mehndi Rasam. Mehndi (Henna) is applied on both the groom and the bride’s palm. The mehndi for the bride is sent by the future Mother In Law.