Things You Will Find Only In Punjabi Wedding

If you haven’t attended a Punjabi wedding, you have missed out some epic parties. Punjabi Wedding has everything from dancing to drinking. No other kind of wedding can be crazy as Punjabi Wedding.

Here is a list of few things from the trademark of a Punjabi wedding.

Bar or car-o-bar

People usually refrain from consuming alcohol before the pheras, but not Punjabi’s. Punjabi’s are known for their drinking. You can always expect an open bar or car-o-bar.

Dhol or DJ

Punjabi wedding can’t be complete without the dhol wale or DJ. Every Punjabi Wedding starts with DJ and ends with Dhol wale playing beats.

Balanced Dance

You’ll always find someone dancing with a glass balanced on their head and that glass will probably have whiskey in it.

Bling bling

In Punjabi Wedding you will spot women dressed in beautiful blingy outfits, Loud make up and jewelry.

NRI Guests

One can always find NRI Guests in Punjabi Weddings. All Punjabi’s have at least one guest staying abroad.

Garland of Notes

The Groom is spotted with garland of notes from rupees 10 to 500. Each and every close relative puts a garland of notes in groom’s neck.

Baraat Never on Time

The baraat of Punjabi’s is never on time. They are always late by 2 to 3 hours.